DuPont Singapore and ASEAN HQ is now located at: 21 Biopolis Road #06-21 Nucleos, South Tower, Singapore, 138567.

DuPont Joins Local Champions, Global Leaders

SG50. A business story on DuPont.

DuPont is excited and honored to participate in Local Champions and Global Leaders, a SG50 project supervised by Ministry of Trade & Industry and SPRING Singapore, led by Ms Olivia Lum, Executive Chairman and Group CEO of Hyflux Ltd, and Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister of Manpower.

As quoted in its project introduction, “Businesses are founded and built by people. At the heart of every business are inspiring tales – the courage, passion and grit of the people who grew their businesses from humble beginnings to the heights of success. We invite talented students from local universities and polytechnics to hear first-hand from our Local Champions and Global Leaders, and bring to life the values, sacrifices and contributions of the people behind the business.”  DuPont works with Ngee Ann Polytechnic NP to work on “An Extraordinary Journey of Miracles”.

Touching Lives – DuPont contributions to Singapore you may not be aware of
You may not see DuPont logo as often as you do with other commercial products. You will be amazed you actually use DuPont products much more often than you do others on a daily basis. Through this project, let’s follow an ordinary Singaporean for a day to illustrate how DuPont makes lives safer, happier and healthier for the nation. Let’s follow Tom. (Click here to download full version).

We would also like to thank Artifela for being a voluntary coach for the students on the artistic presentation of the project coffee book. Thomas, the founder of Artifela, would like to share his reflections.

Developing young leaders is one of DuPont objectives for the project. Let’s hear from the students (Janelyn, Yalun, Yamin & Yan Ping) what they have learnt.