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Why Designers Love Tyvek®

Product designers, fashion designers, printmakers, abstract artists, sculptors, and other creative people around the world are inspired and empowered by using Tyvek® for art and design. They cite the combination of properties that Tyvek® offers—such as its unique texture, superior durability compared to paper and fabric-like flexibility—for helping them bring their creative visions to life.

Design Director, Fyber Forma, Taiwan

"When I found Tyvek®, We were fascinated by the texture and unique features of this material. It has resistance and characteristics that combines both fabric and paper, and it gives people a very different experience."

Toni Racioppi,Founder/CEO, Lazy-Life Paris

"Few years ago, I discovered the DuPont™ Tyvek® fabrics. It looks like paper, very trendy, looks natural. We know it is an artificial fiber and this give the strength of an artificial fiber. And we find the right way to do double stitching on it, back up the sewing.。"

Xiaomu Qi,Founder/ Product Designer, imblu, China

"A wallet called “Oneday” (made of Tyvek®) inspired me in thinking that this material, Tyvek® could be used on could be sewn, and it has an unique feel similar to paper, Water-resistant and super light, as well as an anti-mite material. After learning about these unique features, we decided to use Tyvek® as the base material for our series of bags."

Xiaojing Huang, Director, Design Strategy, YANG DESIGN

"We have published four major design trends for 2017 in China, one of which is represented by "fine distance". What consumers are looking for in a product is a kind of simple, yet elite in feel. DuPont™ Tyvek® is a white colored material Which we feel is very suitable to represent this theme. And Tyvek® is also a good fit for the other 3 design trends."