Nomex® for Electrical Infrastructure


Nomex® paper, an original benchmark for performance, reliability

DuPont™ Nomex® is a brand that has earned the trust of manufacturers around the world by delivering superior quality and proven reliability for a wide range of electrical insulation applications.
For nearly 50 years, Nomex® has been the material of choice for electrical insulation, helping to extend the life of electrical equipment and prevent premature failures.
Within the Nomex® family of products—primarily Nomex® paper and pressboard in various forms—there’s a high-quality material to address virtually any electrical insulation requirement.
By using Nomex® paper as electrical insulation, manufacturers of everything from transformers and generators to wind turbine systems and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have been able to help improve the integrity and performance of their own products.
Nomex® paper has played a key role in positioning DuPont as a global leader in electrical insulation systems which are used in electrical equipment covered by applicable UL, IEC and country-specific standards such as IEEE and JL. 
With a continuing focus on technical innovation, DuPont is working closely with engineers throughout the electrical industry as they develop new and modified products using Nomex® that will help them meet the evolving electrical insulation needs of the future.  


Dry type transformer

Outstanding thermal stability, mechanical toughness, inherent dielectric strength, flame resistance and chemical compatibility make Nomex® papers and Nomex® based laminates ideal as dry type transformer insulation.


Liquid immersed transformers

The use of Nomex® 900 Series papers and pressboards in liquid-immersed transformer applications helps reduce lifecycle costs and provide safety benefits for the power utility, industrial and railway markets.


Motor insulation

When it comes to motor insulation, Nomex® brand papers and Nomex® based laminates are an ideal choice for virtually any motor, helping to increase reliability and extend equipment service life.


Generator insulation

From small generators used in wind turbines to very large turbo generators, the use of Nomex® brand papers and Nomex® based laminates for generator insulation helps improve reliability.


Laminates made with Nomex®

DuPont works with highly qualified laminators who create high-quality laminate insulation products based on Nomex® paper for use in rotating machines. Nomex® paper is the critical element helping enable these laminates to perform.


Nomex® paper

Nomex® brand products provide high levels of electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity, making them ideally suited for a broad range of electrical insulation applications.