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Electrical Insulation

Higher-Performing Electrical Insulation  Applications

DuPont™ Nomex® papers and pressboards used as electrical insulation can help protect the operational life of equipment and help meet applicable industry standards.

Manufacturers of everything from transformers to generators, wind turbine systems to hybrid and electrical have been able to improve the integrity and performance of their own products through the use of Nomex® papers. Nomex® paper technology has helped provide manufacturers the consistently high levels of reliable electrical insulation they have demanded for more than 40 years.

With that kind of history, OEMs have come to value Nomex® products for durability, reliability, and the dielectric abilities needed to help keep motors, generators, and transformers running smoothly, even under conditions of extreme heat.

In fact, because of its superior thermal properties and mechanical strength, Nomex® insulation can help to greatly enhance the performance of electrical applications.

To learn more on uses and applications of Nomex® in electrical insulation, visit  DuPont Energy Solutions.