Tyvek® cargo covers for perishables


 Don't Worry - We've Got You Covered

Protecting people and the food supply are a part of our core mission at DuPont. Tyvek® Cargo Covers are used to protect a wide variety of perishable products worldwide including: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cut flowers and plants, meat and seafood, and more.

• Extend your cold chain break protection by hours
• Significantly enhance quality and shelf life
• Allow perishables to respire normally while venting harmful gases such as ethylene & carbon dioxide
• Maintain high RH for respiring perishables without increased risk of condensation damage
• Prevent weight (moisture) loss during air shipment
• Keep your cold chain protection in place during fumigation
• Reduce pest infestation – a pest netting alternative with many extra benefits!

Threats addressed:
• Solar Radiation
• Ambient Temperature Extremes
• Heat Generated by Respiring Perishables
• Physical Hazards, Including Pests
• Support Normal Respiration While Venting Harmful Gases & Vapors
• Theft & Security

"All of our customers, acting in the industry fields of pharma / life sciences and in food production of chocolate and cheese products are more than happy since they started to use Tyvek® Cargo Covers from DuPont™. The claims of temperature excursions are simply reduced to zero defect." 
- Walter Richner, Managing Director - RTW Air Services SA Geneva


DuPont™ Tyvek® Cargo Covers: Providing Perishables Protection


Ensure health for all with Tyvek® Cargo Covers