Introducing CoreMatrix™ Technology


Enabling the most flexible and lightweight ballistic protection

DuPont™ CoreMatrix™ Technology is a process that combines numerous woven layers by infusing staple fiber in the z direction. This hybrid structure is extremely soft and flexible while increasing the overall ballistic performance for bullet threats and fragmentation protection. Along with the proven performance of DuPont fiber technology, CoreMatrix™ Technology will enable the lightest, most flexible ballistic solutions that meet the new National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards for enhanced durability.
CoreMatrix™ Technology delivers the most advanced ballistic protection that military, law enforcement and global security officers require for ballistic threats while increasing flexibility and comfort.
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More durability. Lighter weight.

Meets the new National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards for enhanced durability without increasing weight for post-conditioning testing.

Superior protection and versatility

Designed to withstand a range of extreme ballistic and fragment threats facing those who protect us.

Flexible solution with rigid performance

Increased ballistic and fragment performance that’s lightweight, flexible and comfortable.

The advanced protection heroes deserve

DuPont fiber technology with CoreMatrix™ Technology provides revolutionary edge shot and multi-threat protection. CoreMatrix™ is best suited in hybrid ballistic packages as a strike-face and body side material. 


Your protection is our priority

Whether it’s protecting our neighborhoods or our nation, DuPont is committed to providing the critical protection that military and law enforcement personnel need to get home safely.


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10-15% increased ballistic
performance compared to
traditional woven structures

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Provides lightweight ballistic
solutions without compromising
flexibility and feel

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Ease of manufacturing

Significantly reduces
manufacturing time with minimal
set-up and stitch architecture


As threats continue to change and evolve, we work tirelessly to keep your protective gear one step ahead.


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